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Multiphrenia series filters MDJ
  • Material of manufacture-stainless steel SS304, SS316, SS316L;
  • Maximum operating temperature-120C;
  • Maximum operating pressure-7 bar;
  • stainless steel Housing with welded inlet, outlet and drainage pipes;
  • Removable cover with air vent;
  • Filter element-cartridge;
  • Collector for collecting water and fixing cartridges;
  • Common collector for water output;
  • Intermediate sealing partitions separating the cavities of the source and treated water.

During the filter operation, water enters through the inlet pipe and is distributed in the housing between the cartridges. Passing through the filter element (cartridge) from the outside in, the water is purified from the smallest impurities. Filtered water enters through the holes inside the collectors on which the cartridges are put, descends through them into the cavity between the bottom and the partition, and then exits through the outlet pipe.

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